Press Release

Press Release
April 8, 2022 webadmin

The Blaumann Foundation is born

A cultural and entrepreneurial challenge

Brescia, March 12, 2022

Press release

The future could come from a single young mind capable of thinking outside the box. It is not a romantic dream, it is one of the possible forms in which the knowledge and awareness of humanity have always grown.

This thought triggered the passion and determination of an entrepreneur from Brescia, Giovanni Franceschini, president of the Tecnosens spa company, to create the Blaumann Foundation.

Tecnosens spa is a leading company in the sectors in which it operates and in particular in the field of sensors for the measurement of chemical and physical quantities, in the field of optical fiber lasers and in particular in that of control systems and dimensional measurement of glass car where it occupies a position of excellence worldwide.

An innovative business idea. The Foundation becomes a shareholder of the company. All the company’s shares will be gradually donated by the current owner who refers to Giovanni Franceschini to the foundation, guaranteeing for this a source of future financing and growing with the company’s performance. What over time could intimately change the profile of the company and its governance. One of the very few examples of a private foundation destined for the public good.

A cultural project. Many of the most important discoveries have arisen from asking “what lies behind” a seemingly irrelevant concept or phenomenon, or “what does” a new conservation principle mean.

The Blaumann Foundation was created with the aim of promoting conceptual theoretical research in fundamental physics. It supports the research activity of groups and individual young researchers, involved in this essential, but not sufficiently cultivated, aspect of the intellectual growth of our civilization.

Scientific research has repeatedly changed the way we look at the world. Fundamental physics, in particular, has paved the way for most of the technologies that have profoundly changed our way of thinking, producing, communicating and organizing ourselves in complex societies.
In this period, humanity faces serious problems such as the climate and ecological emergency and the pandemic, and faces enormous challenges, such as the resurgence of the most extreme poverty. But the experience of the past teaches us that it is from reflection on basic concepts that radically new ideas can arise that allow paradigms to be changed. If today we have theoretical and technological tools that allow us to face crises that other civilizations have suffered in an unconscious way, it is thanks to the radical ruptures born in the past from reflections on the foundations.

Scientific technical committee with three eminent physicists: Carlo Rovelli (president), Guido Tonelli, Eugenio Bianchi.

Founder and President of the Foundation: Engineer Giovanni Franceschini.

The foundation identifies students, undergraduates, doctoral students, research groups, associations, schools of thought specifically interested in the themes that fall within its specific or general objectives and engaged in research on these, and confers on them the status of “fellow” of the foundation. The “fellows” are appointed by the Scientific Technical Committee (CTS) on their own motivated proposal, from other fellows or from the candidate himself.

2. The foundation supports the training and research of fellows through:
• Study and research grants,
• PhD and postdoc fellowships,
• Reimbursement of travel expenses and stay in research laboratories,
• Expenses for organizing workshops or conferences,
Any other specific or complementary study or research activity deemed useful for the achievement of the purposes of the foundation itself.

3. Each fellow can request the Foundation’s contribution for these purposes by submitting a motivated project. Every year the Foundation issues a call to collect projects. The CTS selects projects annually (or, if necessary, at presentation), on the basis of their congruence with the objectives of the foundation, their scientific quality, and the availability of the foundation.

4. The foundation organizes competitions on specific scientific objectives, with the dual aim of both promoting research on these times and identifying new fellows.

5. The foundation awards a two-year prize, called the Blaumann Prize, to a young person under thirty who has particularly contributed to the foundation’s objectives.

6. The CTS can delegate the selection of fellows, the management of the competitions and the prize, and the selection of projects to specific commissions.
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