Research Grants


Blaumann Foundation Call # 3

The Blaumann Foundation offers research grants of amounts between € 1,000 and € 30,000 for fundamentals of physics projects, which fall within the general themes of interest of the foundation: Nature of time, nature of space, nature of observers, conceptual structure to understand extreme phenomena of the universe, fundamental questions of complexity and emergence. See Blaumann scientific objectives for a precise delimitation of the research times taken into consideration.

Examples of funded activities are

  • Periods of study and stay in research centers. Invitations for collaborations with research groups.
  • Scholarships, lasting up to one year for research periods on topics of specific interest to the foundation.
  • Partial contribution for postdoctoral scholarships and PhD scholarships.
  • Financial support for workshops, physics schools, conferences.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for attending meetings, schools or conferences.
  • Any other specific or complementary study or research activity deemed useful for the achievement of the purposes of the foundation itself.

The selection of projects will take place at the end of June 2023. The Foundation allocates a total of € 50.000 for this selection.   The selection will give priority to the relevance of the projects with the objectives of the foundation and to their scientific quality. Projects requiring smaller amounts are taken into consideration as a priority.

The applications, written in English or in Italian, can be sent via email and in a single pdf file, to the address by June 15, 2023. The application must contain a detailed reason that clarifies in particular the relevance of the project for the Foundation’s objectives, a CV of the proposer, and a budget scheme, if appropriate.

The selection of a project involves the automatic appointment of the proposer as a Fellow of the Foundation. Promising unfunded projects can be reconsidered in a later selection.

For information, including questions on the admissibility of specific projects, please write to